Thursday, May 22, 2014

Promise to a Blowhard

I won’t write about your stupid politics
Your messed up priorities
or you outlandish behavior
I won’t write about your ill informed opinions
or the mindless drivel you spout everyday
from a soapbox of your own construction
I won’t write about your idiotic screeds
or your nasty rants
or your hate filled diatribes

And I never well
You don’t deserve the attention
You should humble yourself before the world
and ask for forgiveness for your misdirected anger
and blatant prejudice and thinly veiled racism
You should shut up right now
right your wrongs and make amends

You have polluted the airwaves
and cyberspace
for far too long
and I’m sorry that so much attention
has been given you
No more

Wednesday, May 21, 2014

Melancholy Memory

Redolent of childhood
And sorrowful Tuesday breakfast
The open window poured through the mist
Lights from the dusk shrouded my empty purpose
So deep sighs of tomorrow filled the room
This was my melancholy fate
The towering reminiscences of the cliche fighting poet
Deeply I watched the corners of day recede into night
And from my perch atop the memories
I waited for tuneful reminders of what I said
So many years ago
When I was full of hope
How I've wasted the intervening years
All this informs my imagination
So I
Live like I must

Sunday, May 18, 2014

Sunday Damn Sunday

Children playing outside as dusk approaches
A car passes purposely
No movements few sounds
Touches of anxiety
Sunday before a fall work week
Another early rising awaits
The sleep won’t be enough
Hunger gnaws and thirst beckons
A movie has been watched
Books to read
Plans to make
A crow expresses itself loudly in the distance
Melancholia grips
I am from China
I am from Peru
I am from Switzerland
I am from Belgium
I am from here
We are all together
The internet has too much
Idle time wasting madness
Legs ache from today’s run
Finish this and then write some more
Damn Sunday night

Thursday, May 1, 2014


Faintly I lied
Softly I cried
Deftly I sighed

The suitable ravings of the respectably mad
Feeling outrageous and secretly glad
Wondering why they are perennially sad

The boisterous dancing of the gleefully hip
Interrupting their studies for just one more sip
Deriding their mates whenever they slip

Happily I said
All in my head
Intellect now fed

The bursting words of a penitent man
Trying to exclaim everything that he can
Wonderfully detailing an intricate plan

So quietly now do the fresh faces roam
Farther and father away from their home
Bless them they recite a magnificent tome

Mindful I wrote
Clutching my throat
Soften this note