Sunday, August 18, 2013

Victory Over Mortality's Sorrow

I was going to write a poem about death and dying
Because lately I find existence quite trying
Getting up each day facing the same routine
Dealing with people who sometimes are mean
Knowing that the future may hold agony and pain
Realizing I'm not far from being slightly insane
But then I see the happy clouds of distant joy
And my heart casts about as if I was a little boy
The drum beat of green bursting rays of an awkward sun
Help me realize that sumptuous bliss is all about fun
I cascade and ramble and and mentally cartwheel
Letting go of anger and sorrow and the tired spiel
Hops and jumps toward the sunset rainbow
Force the remembrance of life all aglow
So I do not mind my impending fate
Because in life there is ever so much to celebrate

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Old Man: Be

Older older older older older older older older
Every minute Every second

But what happens if you don't feel it?
Feel ageless?
You still are closer to the end

Death doesn't approach
It waits

We walk glide run dash amble meander crawl
Towards the inevitable
The final curtain

The sighing breezing dying lighting illuminating
Coolness of it all
Is temporal

Take it
Hold on
Don't release your grip

Stay above the void
Swing to and fro
Hear the music

You can dance
You can live
You can be

The eternal self
Happy happy happy
Ignore the endings

Be a part of your being
Be a part of the now

Wednesday, August 7, 2013


Bed awaits

There will be dreams
But first the toss
And turn

Pillow wrestling
Thinking thinking thinking

Faraway scenes
Figures morphing

Snooze city
Hopefully no interruptions
No noises in the night

Not till the alarm
Signals the struggle
To wake up

Remember what day it is
Who I am
That was just a dream

Step out of bed
To the shower
Though still sleepy


Out the door
Start another day
Which will end tired

Monday, August 5, 2013

We the Eternal

The avenues of my dreams are paved with reality
These misty mornings delight those thoughts
Turning raven haired vistas into liquid commas
And still I stop to ponder the essential you
And still I look for the otherness of me
And still I laugh at the fairy dust sayings of yesterday's moon
Because it is all there
Out and about
Trailing behind the never
Leading to forever
If I could only steal a moment of crying clarity
And bring to you my softest joy
We the eternal would be singing
Together and apart like the dusty laughter of Summer children
And the long forgotten whispers of their maiden aunt's morning
Oh to leave and come back to never stop
This is what our carousel in purple brings home to us
We the eternal

On the Bus

On the bus
With people talking too loud
With people too heavy
With people so rude

On the bus
Trying to read
Trying to think
Trying to be

On the bus
Wanting to be home
Wanting to move
Wanting to be alone

On the bus
Hating being on it
Hating other passengers
Hating the hate

On the bus
Sighing into my sleeve
Crying into my mind
Dying into my end



On the
The bus

Wishing I weren't

Saturday, August 3, 2013

Something More in the Distance

Not afraid just resolute
Unyielding head down going forward
Seeking truth settling for answers even if they're wrong
Just an idea to play with
A way to stimulate the mind
To see something more in the distance
Anything at all will do
Provided its new
Needing that hope of possible
The mere chance of a change
A way out onto a new world
This one so tired so lonely so forlorn so limited
The next one will be
And I will be
With it with you and with a chance
The sumptuous challenge of the coy mind
The cascading hopes of a restive mind
As long as I keep eyes forward
And do not stop
Never stop
For there is something else out there
I can almost make out its shape
In the distance