Friday, August 21, 2015

Needing Cozy

Want to be home
On sofa
Wrapped in blanket
Rain outside (where else)
Sipping tea
Glow of TV
Cat curled up at my feet
Dog curled up on the floor
Fire roaring
Books everywhere
Family in house
Dinner cooking
Happiness and contentment
Comfort and coziness
But I'm at work
So much to do
Long time till home
Need the cozy

Sunday, August 9, 2015

Porn Hop

Pretty lady
Porn hop
In a bookstore leggy Italian beauty
Walking downtown crazy lady sweeping
Idiots on bikes on sidewalks
Porn hop
Dashing to catch light
Homeless smoking cigarettes glowering
Teens soaking up late Summer
Porn hop
Another bike idiot ignores stop sign
Grocery store hustle bustle
Frozen pineapples for smoothie
Porn hop
Earth Mother frowns at avocados
Check out line short
Walk down warm streets of warm day
Porn hop
Homeward bound past mom and stroller
Cacophony of crows
House in distance
Porn hop
Instagram twitter email
But resist it
No porn hop

Monday, August 3, 2015

This Day This Place This Time

Cursing pound ennui
The relentless tedium
Boring a hole into my head
Endless and relentless and

So the bird sings
I ignore it
The bus roars
I curse it
You smile
But I frown
The coffee perks me up
The jerking fleeting
Madness of a grasping eternally persistent societal demand to conform and not to question and this drives you toward cynicism which you should flee at all costs running running running seeking the relief of belief the dope of hope the contentment of no resentment joy unbridled and love stories untitled — happens
I am the end of my days
I am the joy I seek in you
I am the love that wraps myself around you
We are the people we were meant to be
That we cannot escape
I thank you for believing
And relieving
Me of the pain of living
The horrible rending of my twisted mind
As the grind grinds my bones
Or at least my hope
But I delight in us
There is always hope
Just ignore the reality
And believe in the madness
Acceptance 101

Sunday, August 2, 2015


Oh damned
Oh hated
Oh benighted and sad
Your lonely travails mock sanity
Yet you rage
Angry ravings directed nowhere
I am invisible to you
Your only audience
Torment so great in your soul
Torment so awful in my heart
Why do you tear the structure of the universe
Why do you curse the precious life you have
How damaged you must be
How awful the pain that rends your being
So softly hurting
So aggressively angry
You who do this
You who scream
You who scar me
My mother