Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Middle Class Man

Constricted by his middle class values
A sadly misshapen soul
Twisted to conformity
All sings of creativity strained out
Pompously saying the obvious
As if such declarations were vital 
To maintaining a social order
Afraid, this man if, of losing his comfort
Nothing is more precious than that
That comfort
The security of the known
The societally agreed upon
The accepted
No deviations, please
He cannot see how stifled a live he lives
No perspective
No ambition to be more than what fits
Sadly resigned to this dull happiness

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

The Two of Us

There is joy in your naked butt
There is reason in your elegance
There is safety in your arms
But I still remember the time in the coffee shop
Years ago
The angry discussion
The flirtation with a stranger
Your betrayal
My humility
Or reconciliation
The coupling
The ecstasy
The damned way you saw through my lies
And my life was enriched
By that kiss
The one you give me
And when I say I love you
You smile
As if
The whole world is ours
You make me feel better
Than the hope of a million bright shining tomorrows of promise
Because you are love
And I am your willing captive
On this Sunday
And on all the other days
Of our strong and healthy twoness

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

The Answer

I drove the length of my mind
No one was home
I pursued my thoughts endlessly
They had vanished
I searched in vain for my sanity
It was beyond repair
I hoped in vain for answers
There was meaning in the twilight
Or so I thought
There was depth in some pronouncements
Or so it seemed
There was clarity in the distance
But always out of reach
I read books in hopes of enlightenment
It was fleeting
I cried out for justice
And was laughed at
I yearned for your love
And was saved
Thank you

Monday, June 27, 2011

Lovers in the Mist

Passing night on the cloudless vista
Horizons of your dreams
Hoping for the last to be aroused again
By distant dreams
From slumbering shapes long forgotten
Never known trysts
Of lovers in the mist
Equate to kaleidoscope caresses
And tender places to sup and sing
Joyous night gives way to erogenous today
And together clandestine coupling
Evokes more peace
For all of us
But especially
Lovers in the mist

Friday, June 24, 2011


Forgive my brevity
But I’ve got so much to say
That I don’t want to waste a lot of time
In the saying of it
Or even
For that matter
Giving it a second’s thoughts
Why would I bother detailing
All that is on my mind
So copious, you know
And you there
So forlorn
Can I help you?
Would it be better if I were silent?
Should I not disturb
The long simmering resentment of your oppressive angst
So thoughtful of you to say no
Say so
So I go
Not having bothered about any of it really
And it all so interesting
You know, like those Paris nights before the war
When all we thought of was what party to....
But I’m making you even more morose
And me with wit and charm to spare
Prattling on about nothing
And everything, mind
I’ll take my leave now
And ask you to indulge in a kiss goodbye
In memory of all that I managed not to say
So much really
But then, that’s the point
Isn’t it?
So again I ask you to forgive my brevity

Thursday, June 23, 2011

Gun Crazy

Have you seen up close what a bullet does to skin
Have you seen brain matter in flight
Have you see the life drain from a body
Can you imagine a family’s grief
Do you understand a community’s pain
Is it fair to see young lives end suddenly
Are you the grieving mother or father
Or child or spouse
Are you the limp body cold on a slab
Or are you the perpetrator destined for a life locked up
Never to know freedom again
Are you condemned to live with the guilt and the pain
Who are you
Do you care
Do your actions and beliefs contribute
To gaping gunshot wounds in human skulls
Do you know any remorse as your cold, live hands clutch desperately
At the antiquated notion of guns for all and all for guns
Go on and preach gun safety
While others live in reality
Or die in it
Or are crippled in it
Or see loved ones snuffed out from it
Bang bang

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Cynics Win Again

The perpendicular smile of the wizened maiden
Foretold a skewering of convention
And the rancid politicos were thrown akimbo
As sagacious minds sought alternatives
To the ruined nationalism of yore
Elves danced jigs at the thought of justice
But delayed 
It was denied
These changes were temporal
Illusory gifts with fast-approaching expiration dates
All was lost just as it had been won
Spellbound dullards rejoiced and fretted simultaneously
Dancers and prophets knew the score
But it changed again and again
Life flowed like the rapids
Madcap foamy and loud
There was not respite for the weary
(Nor especially for the leery)
We all laughed to say it again

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Foibles of Merit

It was a party but he sat in a corner
He used this time to reflect on his life
It had gone nowhere
No great or lasting achievements
Sure enough a functioning
Member of society
But not especially loved
Or noted
Liked and accepted and sometimes
But would soon be forgotten
Nice guy not the legacy one wants
So he sat alone with his drink
And brooded
He was not even a drunk
No addictions
No serious issues
No foibles of merit
Never the center of attention
On the periphery of any scene
Any group
An okay guy
Nice to meet you they said
So he sipped slowly at a drink now watery
From melted ice
That was him
He thought
Melted ambition and dreams
A guy
Part of the crowd
Too old to change
Someone walked by
Glanced at him and smiled
He smiled back
Knowing she’d forget having seen him
In a second or two
And so he sighed

Monday, June 20, 2011

Thoughts and Prayers

Please accept our sincerest 
At this tragic hour
In our thoughts and prayers
Try to find meaning
An inspiration to us all
Work will go on
Senseless tragedy
A great loss
Find strength
Hope that
Know that we all
We will keep you
Be remembered for having
Towering achievements
Justice will be done
Expression of grief
We are
You are
We all
Carry on his work
I will be introducing legislation
At this hour
Does not diminish
So fortunate to have known him
Words escape
God bless you

Friday, June 17, 2011

You’ve got to Suppress Yourself

Please be vapid
And say innocuous things
If you want to be popular
Parrot the popular ideas of the day
Try being insipid
Around superiors being a sycophant will do
Quite nicely
Be polite and helpful
But watch the charm
(It can be misunderstood)
Toe the company line
Practice moderation in all things
Tone yourself down
Find the happy medium
Don’t get ahead of yourself
And don’t lag behind
Keep up
If you get confused about what to do
Watch some TV
A lot, as a matter of fact
Also check popular websites
Do a lot of “social networking”
All this will help you blend in
Suppress yourself
At all times
We don’t want to have to report you
That’s a good lad
Now go out and be vacuous

Thursday, June 16, 2011

The Writer

Trust me I’ll write it
Sure you will
I’m stuttering now
But I’ll write it
Sure you will
I promise
I’ll write it
It’ll get down
No more involuntary tics
Sure you will
I promise I’ll write it
No more lethargy
Depression done
Unproductive days things of the past
Sure you will
I believe in me if you don’t
I can do this
Will do this
I’ve got it in me
Sure you will
I’ll write it, really
I’m positively oozing with confidence
It’s practically a done deal
I’m on this one
All over the situation
Sure you will
I bloody well mean it this time
This is a sure thing
The writing will commence
It’ll get done
Sure you will
You will

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Who Really Knows

Staring into eternity
The cosmos
Vast endless space
But the TV is on now so never mind that
Look for other ways of saying I’m fine
God’s eyes are upon me
But the Andy Griffith theme song is playing
Deep breaths and forever moments
Pondering timeless existence
Is it heaven or hell
Ads on TV to cure back pain
Lawyers hawking themselves
Still I look for answers
But the questions aren’t multiple choice
I roam around my mind 
Easy enough to get lost
But I am among the found
News bulletin about missing child
At least its not air strikes
Should I pray or meditate or write these words
There are no easy solutions
To problems we don’t understand
The more I learn the more I want to give up
But the TV tells of sales at the mall
Must take advantage
Can always think later
Whenever that is

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Cacophonous Bus Ride

Cacophonous bus ride
Old crazy man talking animatedly to himself
In the back
Young African American woman having loud cell phone conversation
In the middle
Group of teen age white boys yakking with one another
In the front
I’m sitting across from a fidgety Asian college student
He effeminately squirms out of his sandals, his feet swaying
He sniffs constantly
I cannot read with all this
I look out the window and hear the sidewalk
I listen to the trees and parked cars
The pulsing rhythm of the shops and shoppers reverberate
There is no escape from sounds
No quiet
There is only this moment
And all its attendant auditory stimuli
None of it really wanted
I get off the bus sighing with relief
At home there is the soothing treble of quiet
In the yard birds sing
I feel the weight of my legs tired from much exercise
Sag into a chair
Softer now
Softer again
So soft
This crying mountain of lusty rich solitude
Punctuated by breaths
Deep and healthy
I make a smoothie
The blender is loud
But it’s mine

Monday, June 13, 2011

I Wander Through What I Wonder

Welcome to my nervous breakdown
It has come during a creative burst
Flowering as I am with new ideas
Like that one over there
And visions that I can’t explain
Overwhelmed by a rollicking and rip-roaring
I’m driving now
On the highway of dreams
Where love stops for a kiss
And mighty raging tides of desire
Combat irrational behavior
In a rich stew of pendulous orgasms
But I’m not quite right, you see
The old brain teetering on the verge of
Oh I don’t know what
But not in balance
I get these worried looks from imaginary people
Or real ones
I can’t quite tell them apart anymore
Perhaps rock lyrics and duck hunting aren’t so different
For the truly mad
I wish, I wish I wish I were a wisher of songs
I’d dive right into pools of 
I can’t complete that sentence
I was interrupted by a moment of clarity
I hate it when that happens
So different am I from your overweight beer swelling hunter
Resplendent in American flag and anthems and pledges
Me I’m just the lucky guy
Love to hear you say that love is love
But that’s plagiarism
So I wander through what I wonder
And it all makes sense
At last

Friday, June 10, 2011

Growing Up is Hard to Do

What happened to me on lonely nights
Those yesterdays when I was young
The fair haired lad who talked of dreams
A fecund imagination
Rain, wind clicking sounds
And then a dance with death
Before realizing everything was okay
Just be calm and look no further then your friends
But I despaired mightily of every finding peace
Let alone love
Oh how somber nights passed with nothing but
False fears and invented dilemmas
Tears of fury placated something within me
Until I understood
That I was right all along
It was OK
And I would be fine
Lonely nights turned to days of glory
Misunderstanding myself
Re-arranging death so it looked doable
I claim victory now
Over the insane moods that merely perpetuated
A crossing of sorrow and hunger
That was false idolatry personified
That young confused man I was is clear now
That nothing need be understood but the unknown
Leave the rest to chance
You’re fine and always have been, son

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Ride it Out

You can watch those silly sitcoms if you want
You can wile away your life in front of the TV
You can do whatever you want
That is soft and harmless and doesn’t raise eyebrows
Play golf
Go shopping
Surf the web
You can soak in the warm rays of sensibility
Ignoring the hard pangs of real living
Why experience your own life
When you can watch others
Especially the fake ones
That are called reality
Numb that pain
Dumb that brain
Slit your wrists while bathing in the vacuous
Make gossip your conversation of choice
Follow celebrities
Live vicariously
Ignore the beauty and horror of the world
Except to comment acidly on the extremes of it
You can live a thousand lives of quiet emptiness
And not do anything
Make your life one long xanax ride

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Life Well Led

What victories have you won
What great things have you done
Are there deeds of which you are proud
Accomplishments you can tell aloud
Do you boast of a life well led
Are there inspiring words you have said
Are you glad that you’ve been here
Will you be satisfied when the end is near
What victories have you won
Has life been fully of joy full of fun
Were you loved by at least a few
And did you love at least some you knew

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Drunken crack addict trying to act dignified
Being overly polite, saying too much
She’s skeletal, jet black skin clinging to her bones
Skin cracked looking ready to peel off
Teeth rotting, hair like an old brush’s bristles
She sways in the aisle of the bus
Convinced she seems fine
The little Asian man sinks further into himself
His hat seems to be swallowing his head
He waited impatiently for the bus for 20 minutes
Now this
The bemused teens giggle to themselves
The Iranians are too engrossed in their conversation
To notice anything unusual
The bus stops at a red light
Alongside is a BMW
The suited white man at the wheel is keeping the beat
To loud rock music by drumming on the steering wheel
He’s oblivious to crack addicts except as abstractions
Other people see and talk of them
He doesn’t realize there’s a living breathing one
A few feet away on a bus
He doesn’t know from busses anyway
They’re for kids, old people and the poor
And those little Chinese people in the next neighborhood
He zooms off when the light turns
The bus plods along, the crackhead finally taking a seat
She chortles at nothing, then everything
Carries on a conversation with an unseen friend
A fat teenager gets on the bus cussing into her cell phone
The Asian man shrinks some more
The Iranians keep talking
The driver keeps driving
I can’t wait to get off
Oh well

Monday, June 6, 2011

Word Stew

Overheard conversations
Sour cream potato chips
Flavored traffic signals
Cats talking about art
Unleaded walks
Trails to yesterday
The first is last
Is first
Was last
Dice games in church
Apple faced tigers
Nothing on a planet
Those people
After taste of novels
Epic sagas of trees
And the meaningless
Empty lives of radioactive clam diggers
It all made sense once
But today just words
Snatched from conversations
Thrown together
The great stew of words

Friday, June 3, 2011

Sole Survivor

They are all dead now
Vance, Harry, Lester and the rest
I was the sole survivor
Prospering, happy but not smug
I’ll miss that old gang of mine
Brave lads everyone
But I must go on
Perseverance its own reward
I’ll fight mightily to see that their sacrifices
Were not in vain
I see them still in visions
Bold, handsome, strong and determined
Who could have foreseen that they’d all be gone
So soon
And that I, of all of us, would be left
To carry on
Their vision
But first I must build my fortune
I can’t really honor them while I’m so
Middle class
It takes funding to see through a true
Dedication to their memories that fulfills our
So now I earn
And for them I live a good life
They’d want it that way, I'm sure
This is the best I can do for them
Those gallant young men who paid
Must honor
But not until the time is right
And I am mighty
The sword
This time and forever

Thursday, June 2, 2011

Eternal Hope

The lesser evil of twin terrors
Plague the spiraling country
As it approaches the vortex
As everything changes
It’s all the same
The drain of hope, love and faith
The growing rise of decadence
Victory of the few
Over the meek who inherit
The debt
While living with despair
Endless reams of paper
Foretell a society's doom
But bright young people push on
Finding hope
Spreading it
Embracing the belief that
Humanity can prosper
And that someday
Financial gain
Will take a backseat
To spiritual ones
Perhaps, they believe,
True equality can someday reign 
Bless they’re optimism

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

People & Animals

Dance hall dame
A goat that’s lame
Singing buckaroo
A giraffe feeling blue
Baron on stilts
Chimp wearing kilts
Big clumsy vicar
A dog drinking liquor
Woman named Myrtle
A really fast turtle
Ship’s first mate
A snake going straight
Raggedy old miner
A seal in a diner
Big hearted whore
A pixilated boar
Drunken maitre d’
A cat without flea