Saturday, December 19, 2015

Grammar Life

I’m the contraction that I write
You are the pronoun
We reach for the verb
It is all I can do to make these words appear
To wonder at my exhaustion
Feeling the tired fingers that want to sleep
As my mind gets fuzzier
Mists of a brain surround each thought
And through the eternal night of my heart
I slumber into the next line
Which is this one
Never confused
Always the definite answer of maybe
The incomplete thought
Past participles have ended
And the continuous is still going
My grammar life is nigh

Wednesday, December 16, 2015


Go great grating voice and trouble me no more
You foul the air with your jabberings
As I, who long for clarity, wonder at you
For those meandering musings and nonsensical jibes
Aim them elsewhere and take your foggy mind away
There is peace and justice where you are absent
Sanity reigns in your absence
We covet the times that you are silent
So few yet so precious
Take your death talk and hate and depart
Find a universe for your ego and ramblings
Pain inflicting vitriol unbecoming of this place
Sorrow in your wake and angry confusion
You are a blight and multiply ignorance
Would that there were a universal mute button
Just for you