Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Imagined it

Rainy afternoon
In a museum
Few others
Violin music soft and lovely
Lost in colors
Of paintings
Sit at museum cafe
Drink tea
Look at postcards
Still raining
Resume tour of paintings
Now cello music fast and deep
Tall beautiful angular woman
Walks quickly
Long dark wavy hair
Frowning but smiles at me
On bus
Reading poems

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

A Magnificent and Sad Perfection

She was above all else beautiful
There was an aching sorrow to this
As if it must hurt to be so exquisite a creature
Tall and elegant and perpetually self aware
Never unconscious of her effect on other people
When she first looked at me
It was as if to dare me to hold my stare
A second longer than is polite
But even so I stole another glance
One dies and dies again when treated to a kiss
From such a person
(As I was once)
Knowing that is an experience
That it will never be equaled
Let alone repeated
And eternity has been thus met
But moments are fleeting
And her love was a wisp of one moment
Sadly withering
As her beauty never would