Sunday, February 12, 2012


I'm forever different and always the same
Trying to give names to emotions
That defy description
Leaning on my mind
Ignoring the truths
So supple
But understated
What is this mood I create
In fits of melancholia
And why do I buy into
And excuses
So long in coming
So very easy in the departing
All the long ways past midnight
And beyond

Wednesday, February 8, 2012

No, Seriously

Let me die now
Kill me
Kill me good and and dead
I did nothing to
Deserve this life
Take it
Take it from me now
I know this is not original
But it is no less true for it's
Awful predictability
For that's what this life
Never again
No chance
Thank you
(Deep bow)

Monday, February 6, 2012

Lend an Ear

I'm hardly worth talking to anymore
I've become such a dreadful bore
Prattling on about this or that

But say, you'll listen, won't you?
You seem a likely sort
Someone with an ear to bend

You'll hear my story
Feel my pain
Share your thoughts

Say you will
Say it
Say it, please

I know I sound desperate
But desperate times and all
You know how it goes

I'll do the same for you sometime
I swear I will
Count on it

Be a pal
A mate
A friend

Hear me out
This tale of woe and no
This sad saga of a man with troubles

I've just got to tell someone
Or I'll just burst
Will you, won't you?

Woe. Oh such woe

So hear I sit
There I stand
Everywhere I wander

No one to call friend
No way this heart to mend
The end

Sunday, February 5, 2012

Kissed Wishes

And I take these moments and fashion a dream
So loud and cool it seems I might burst 
But then what would be the point
As the sentences dwindle

So I wake up again and try another day
Contemplating all the ways I will do it better
This time
And I soar

Only to fall to love's eternal pursuit
And the discovery that it all ends
Until it begins again
On the nevermore of the lost

Kissed wishes and ponderous moments
Are not so different
Not when questions abound
And your love is always there