Saturday, August 20, 2016


Locked in
Hate it
The pain is
Suffer suffer suffer
Everything feels bad
Want nothing everything something
Need same
Pulling pushing pain
Throbbing dull ache of sorrow
It’s all bad
Very sad
I’m not glad
Stare at keyboard
I think it hates me
I think
I think maybe I deserve hatred
Want out
Want to escape to where happiness reigns
Want wanting wanted
Just awful
Shake it off

Monday, August 15, 2016


the dying self
the shelf
the constant pain
the drain
the tortured soul
the mole
the dreaded day
the way
the bleak mind
the grind
the end of joy
the toy
the lonely sigh
the cry

Friday, August 5, 2016

One More Chance

Dawn of a thousand crazy lights
Weekends full of blessed lazy nights
The rasping sound of my brain at work
The glittering madness of the tasks I shirk
All it is now it always was
And when I saw it I knew it twas
Gleaming, preening, leering and cold
Getting off on thoughts so bold
I cry the same song
Live the same wrong
I tuck in the police of my mind
And to the periwinkle I am kind
There goes and blows and toes
I like it this way goodness knows
I cannot eat the dreams of yore
But into my lustful meditation insanity I pour
It is the golden age of all the rage
And I’m yet ready to turn the page
The do’s and don’ts and can’ts just swell
And I tell the evil donut masters to go to hell
These are the days of the angel dance
Please oh Mother Nature give me one more chance