Monday, February 6, 2012

Lend an Ear

I'm hardly worth talking to anymore
I've become such a dreadful bore
Prattling on about this or that

But say, you'll listen, won't you?
You seem a likely sort
Someone with an ear to bend

You'll hear my story
Feel my pain
Share your thoughts

Say you will
Say it
Say it, please

I know I sound desperate
But desperate times and all
You know how it goes

I'll do the same for you sometime
I swear I will
Count on it

Be a pal
A mate
A friend

Hear me out
This tale of woe and no
This sad saga of a man with troubles

I've just got to tell someone
Or I'll just burst
Will you, won't you?

Woe. Oh such woe

So hear I sit
There I stand
Everywhere I wander

No one to call friend
No way this heart to mend
The end

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