Monday, July 29, 2013

The Rime of the Ancient Marinated

The rime of the ancient marinated

How wasted and forlorn the many days I passed invoking booziness and lust There gone
Sad little man I was pissing Looking up at the heavens and letting loose with a long loud aaahhh of delight

Or was it fright?

How mindless and sad to ravage one's brain with chemicals and pretend and lie and act and escape and evade and deflect The reality The real life existence that is such a gift though not hard earned just given


I had striven to be a hero of my own sotted fantasies and never caring that others were there laughing at me or feeling sorrowful or quizzical or confused or betrayed And so I lurched thus dismayed and betrayed

Played That's what I did

I loved the taste the smell the feeling the mind reeling and peeling apart as I got high high higher Highest Oh me oh myest I soaked the truth in scotch and cheap beer and chased women and woe betide the ones I caught


But laughing and dying and sometimes crying I wallowed in exploding magical sessions of bullshit and groaned as the angry hangover clawed at my soul and tried to wrench mind and Suicide

Brain fried

My life stood still as chances perished and still I imbibed The addiction was my predilection and no saying anything would matter because I was the almighty of my intoxicated world Another round for the boys


Delayed diminished not quite finished Then the miracle came in 12 steps A staircase leading up above the river of alcohol a cleaned out brain and not so insane but mostly a way a path for my wrath to channel and funnel another side of the tunnel and I started

Just started

Mind you

To get better

A long journey from now till then and later still on the horizon


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