Sunday, August 18, 2013

Victory Over Mortality's Sorrow

I was going to write a poem about death and dying
Because lately I find existence quite trying
Getting up each day facing the same routine
Dealing with people who sometimes are mean
Knowing that the future may hold agony and pain
Realizing I'm not far from being slightly insane
But then I see the happy clouds of distant joy
And my heart casts about as if I was a little boy
The drum beat of green bursting rays of an awkward sun
Help me realize that sumptuous bliss is all about fun
I cascade and ramble and and mentally cartwheel
Letting go of anger and sorrow and the tired spiel
Hops and jumps toward the sunset rainbow
Force the remembrance of life all aglow
So I do not mind my impending fate
Because in life there is ever so much to celebrate

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