Monday, November 11, 2013

Have I become less or am I more

Where is that blessed boy I once was
Where is the long haired happy lad sporting the big grin
Where did he go and what did he do
How can he be me now
What has happened to the years
What did he do with them
What did I do with them
Am doing
Have done
Were they squandered
Were they wasted
Who am I surely not the same fellow from the picture
Who am I know that I was before
Have I become less or am I more
I was a picture of happy youth
I am I was I are to be
The verb to be
The past tense: was
Yet I still will be
Eternal youth and terminal age
That is me I am all the rage
So I rage on angry at not being what I was to be
But what I am
Happy with that
After all what else is there but love

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