Tuesday, May 19, 2015

The Promise of Maybes

The gentle regret of love's late afternoon
The purposeful cries of couples interlocking
The wan sunlight under crisply ironed curtains
The uncertain hopes of the desperate egoist
And all this with joy unbound and answered longings
Destiny can mean happiness and fulfillment
If only for the intervention of happy fate
Dance and it may embrace you
Sit and you will perish
I was young once
Fun once
Dreaming once
And I enveloped myself in joyous hopeful dreams
The promise of maybes
I rocked it
It took me on twists and turns
But lo the reward
Came eventually
The searing psychic pains sometimes suffered
The senses dulled first by booze then medication
All the idle time wasted at the trivial and trite
But I have emerged a worthy man
Capable of being in this world
And proud of it and of those long ago wonderous days
Time wraps around itself

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