Monday, May 30, 2016

Righteous Remembering Spiritual Love Awakenings: My Memorial Day Poem

The fire burned the whole house down and all we could do was dance
Because the music
Still there
Raging ashes and living dreams swirled in the November night
Dry leaves beckoned and soon we were engulfed too
Higher we rose
Twirling, whirling and gyrating to the distant guitar solos and echoes of drumming past
What a night for visions and radiant lighted home runs of ecstasy
The past was coming up and we were leaving the future behind us to live in the permanent twilight of green days and purple nights
How the dogs barked and the pot stirred and how we settled so happily into the couches of our dreams
The TV told us lies and Vietnam was a conflagration but there in the LBJ waltz and Nixon promenade we beckoned for hope amid marijuana smoking LSD dropping riffing laughter and tie dye tuxedoes

But that was another time

You see

We’ve come a long way since then
Mostly backwards
We’ve been trampled by the Reagan Bush Palin McCain Ford Romney Trump Thurmond Wallace Maddox — destitute minds — Santorum Rove Norquist O’Reilly Coulter Hannity — hate brigade — La Pierre Brewer Kristol Quayle Gingrich Arapio Huckabee Fiorina mishhh mashhh of red bating commie killing homo bashing racist xenophobic pinheaded obscenities
But we get up and spit and fight back and are righteous remembering spiritual love awakenings and the dancing dawns and Puff the Magic Dragon
Legacies of love keep us strong and nourished as we live long lives of splendor


White House lovin’ 9/11 remembering politically careful sandal wearing white wine drinking organic chicken eating bicycle riding NBA playoff watching twitter reading pilates practicing PTA joining child raising sprained ankle suffering garden growing middle class commuters nod and smile and sputter inanities and remind you to recycle but don’t read Nietzsche anymore

White house hatin’ 9/11 revenging politically reckless cowboy hat wearing Coors drinking brisket eating truck driving Nascar watching Fox News believers deer hunting NRA joining child raising heart tremor suffering fish catching middle class commuters nod and smile and sputter inanities and remind you to carry a gun but never heard of Nietzsche noway

This is the US and they are the: the
All of them
Collectively and together as one as a whole in total and en masse
Por favor

Hey everybody have a safe and happy Memorial Day
Rock on.

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