Thursday, April 20, 2017

Topsy Turvy Even Curvy

The sun shone brightly on the adverb
Whispers danced in the primordial ooze
Absent an excuse I pardoned myself
And the taillight said hello
My day was a ragtag of limos and
Obstinate photo blogs

The concert was sold out
No aardvarks need apply
The Irish ditty was first on the schedule
Next up were the purple platitudes
Obtuse recollection followed

The seismic shift of pickles
The swarming mob of memoranda
Tasted like honey wrapped sorrows
Canning the detergent proved futile
Oblivious writing cats

Then I wrote part four
Parchment paper delight on the express train
The sky was all akimbo after prayer
Dinner with the forlorn paper jam
Obscene stapling muses

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