Monday, April 7, 2014

Coming Home From Work

No F trolley so had to walk up to catch the 30
Through Chinatown
Cue a big frown
Cutest tourist toddler in the world across from me
Laughing and cooing not boo hooing
I read impassively from Kerouac novel
Answered texts from youngest daughter
She's a scholar jump and holler
Twas a smooth and groovin' bus ride
Especially for the 30
Didn't get down or dirty
Sad smiling faces especially one Asian woman of
Not quite middle age she seemed wise a real sage
Read and texted and looked about give a shout
Quick walk to BART past obese stinky homeless bum
Had maybe too much rum
Crammed down to BART station bad sensation
So many people on their way end of the day
Got seat on train eased my pain
Read more from book as I ain't no schnook
Ride home loud young men cussing
Too much fussing
Out of BART and walked on home
In weather too hot enjoyed it not
Waiting here was my wife what a dear
Time to relax and kick off my slacks

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