Monday, April 7, 2014

Noisy Noises Disturb the Nosy Oyster

"Adolph Hitler's voice in the taxi horn...." - From the poem Cadillac Squawk by Allen Ginsberg

On lonely fantastic nights of searing bliss
I do ponder a lovely fair haired miss
But I also turn my heart to see
An even prettier women living with me
That I have such a beautiful wife
Is certain proof of my wonderful life
And that I hear noises from afar
Does not mean that my minds ajar
For cars do honk as they pass by
And in the distance is a baby's cry
Damn you ears you hear so much
Always sensitive to sound waves touch
The crazy old neighbor blasting his TV
Makes me fume for quiet I plea
When at last the hush does surround
My imagination does leap and bound
I think of incredible things that I will do
How I'll write books that are fresh and new
Then with my wife I happily chat
Only rarely do we ever spat
Her kisses on my lips do light
And my joy cascades through the night
Noisy noises do come and go
But my life is grand and this I know

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