Saturday, January 3, 2015

Desire and Lust of Course

Loving someone and not sure why
Maybe the late Saturday afternoon wind knows
We are young she is beautiful there is
Lust of course
It feels like it could go on forever
Like it should go on forever
Overwhelmed by feelings
The awful wonderful hurt of longing and loving
And wanting and needing and
Lust of course
There have been others
For her not many
Me too many and I have gotten high too often
For her though
Maybe I can be another better version of me
Maybe I can be what she wants
Coursing through my body is the wonder of it all
Stuck in the dusk melancholy
Tasting her breath touching her hand lightly
Lust of course
She is a serious person
I seem frivolous but I do make her laugh
I do entertain and delight and intrigue
And evoke
Lust of course
But can she see a future with me
I can’t think of anything but
A future with her
There is no vision of this being
Anything but perfect
Am I just a diversion
The wind is stronger outside now
The dark air is cold
People are coming into houses
Preparing for dinners
Dressing for evenings out
I coo in her ear
Will she even give me tonight
When I want her forever
My body trembles at the thought of loss
My imagination tears at me
With the thought of her with another
But she is mine for now
I get a kiss and feel
Lust of course
This drama will go on
I will ache in my soul

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