Sunday, January 25, 2015


The days melted into wine colored rust that flowed through my veins like pouring rain down the gutter which was what I was and I felt in fibers of my being that I did not even know that I had and the pain in the form of mental anguish was too great to differentiate from the screaming bowels of hell so I dropped it all and caressed the moon

Then there was nothing but the hard hearted aching of my soul as I realized that death’s grip would truly be my release from the devastating reality of the horrible pain that awaited in a mind gone wild that angels feared and demons lusted for

I was pain

I was the holy endings of the wretched snaking willowy cauldron of vaporous hauntings that chill the bones of the insane in locked away places that dare not be revealed to simple minds

I existed only to suffer and seemed to want to feel the burning of an unkept mind was I not so blind that I could not not see the sadness in wrinkled foreskin and decaying nails and stretched elongated hairs twisting in hot winds of the inferno

Never meant to smile only being deluded enough to look at others and pretend that I was someone too and not the empty shell that wondered among them unable to make human contact I was the true waking walking even breathing death that serves as warning to unsettled minds

Blow me away and never let my like come your way again for I have nothing

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