Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I invincible

I was like a rock star
So full of my accomplishments
Rich with my youth
Believing in myself
I invincible
Watch my long beautiful blond hair
Hear my charming wit
Read my words by me
The writer
Buy me a drink
Laugh with me
Seduce me
You beautiful person
You've no idea what I am
You've latched on to
A raging bundle of neurosis
A tenuous psyche fragile and weak
But oh I can entertain
I can dazzle bedazzle
All my razzle all my personal pomp
(Such circumstance)
I bequeathed onto myself the mystic
Power of super self
And imbued it with psychosis
I invincible
Watch now
Watch me spin on the dance floor
Pretty cool stuff, eh?

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