Monday, March 2, 2015

We are the Incandescent Rays of Hope and Glee

Radio avocado nights of glistening pillows
The dance of pencils reckoning our future
Morbid leanings presupposing inherit peaches
The weathered look of an existential torpedo
We are all thus wondering with effervescent minds
Creating imaginings and imagining creations
Long afternoons of pleasant meanderings
Trees and glades and the sharp smell of flowers
Blossoming excitement as we explore endless spaces
Happy and strong and healthy and wise
We are eternal despite our passing
We are everywhere despite our limitations
Look at us from above so small
Look at us from below so large
Look at us from everywhere at once so wild
We are the incandescent rays of hope and glee
The bouncing dashes of everyday and the promise
Of all your tomorrows
Without end

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