Saturday, July 10, 2010

He Was a Poet

He was poet of great alacrity
Whose shadow widened the plains
His influences were all the greatest men on Earth
So surely he had to write to honor them
And when he did the people stopped
At least for the time it took to read his words
Nothing special did he
Put one word in front of another then whatever came next
There were so many words from which to choose
This wide and wonderful washing
This oh by goshing
This mention of the time
This feeling so sublime
This act of dveotion
Not devoid of emotion
This careful placing of words
Was what separated him from the birds
Sometimes he would seek to rhyme
But maybe not next time
So glad to be among the living
So grateful to be where words mattered
And putting them in order
Brought you celebrity
Widening the plains
Deepening the valleys
Bolstering the hills
He was a poet of great alacrity
And clarity too

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