Thursday, July 15, 2010

Like Jack

“The world is so goofy everywhere -- like you imagine when you get to Paris with Simon there’ll be raincoats and Arc de Triomphes of brilliant sadness and all the time you’ll be yawning at bus stops.”
Kerouac, Desolation Angels
How do you write like that, I’ve got to know
How is it so cool
So evocative
IS there a way that I
Can do that
Phrases for phases
Sentenced to sentences of dull consistency
I can put one word before another 
And it is so ordinary
I want special
Then I’ll not just breath the air
But be of it
One with my life
If I can write like Kerouac
That’s not asking so much when that’s all I want
That skill
That thrill
That will
To be special too
I want to be
Don’t let me stay forever cursed
With the common and plain
Give me a little that’s insane
Even if it comes with some pain
Let me be cool too
I want to write sentences that sing
Not sentences about singing
I want to find a voice
Leaving behind the paper bag of today
Looking for the cloud formation
Of tomorrow
Like Jack

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