Friday, July 9, 2010

Summon Your Angels

I’m summoning my angels today
They help me remember the drives to Tahoe when I was a kid
The mountains, tree covered, sometimes splotched with snow
Even covered head to toe
I’d gaze out the window the chatter of my parents and brother was background noise
I wanted to be a bear
Roaming those mountains
They were delicious
I imagined them as having chocolate in the middle
Scrumptious Sierras
My angels can take me to that time
But only to watch
A time long gone that 
I can only visit 
Through the magic of my mind
Provided I call my angels
And they come
The road through the hills were windy
Snaking around corners always reveling new beauty
Perhaps fog at eye level
Or a glimmering sun reflecting off rocks, streams and the snow
Always the splotches of snow
Ground without snow made me sad
I preferred the winter
Cold outside, warm in the car
With dad driving
My imagination got to play and play and play in those hours of driving
I was a bear
My angels take me there
There’s no editing this
It would be like editing memories
Or feelings
They just are
We don’t remember perfectly
So why should we write perfectly
Only our angles are perfect
Summon them

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