Monday, July 12, 2010

Uncomplicated Youth

Uncomplicated Youth 
How lucky you are
You find it easy
To navigate through life
Until you’re faced with complications
And thoughts
Gone are the simple days of
Touch football on the lawn
Visits to the soda fountain
Gone are the long walks and
Talking about nothing, really
Now you must face life head on
So dangerous
You’re at war
Maybe Vietnam
Maybe Iraq
Maybe Afghanistan
Maybe Germany
Maybe maybe maybe
People die
But maybe not war
Maybe an unwanted life
She’s pregnant!
Maybe new responsibilities
Maybe someone opened up your mind
Opened Pandora’s Box
It’s so much more complicated now
You’re hired
You’re fired
Bills due
Baby sick
Conflicting ideas
It’s all so complicated now
Youth is gone
You’re a man now
Damn it!

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