Friday, July 30, 2010

Thinking Time

I was so busy doing things
I forgot to think about everything
All the stuff I had to do got in the way
Of being who I was 
I was
I was busy doing
No time for being
Forgot who I was
What I wanted
Beyond wanting to get things/stuff done
Then do the next thing I had to take care of
And all the stuff that needed dealing with
We’re so good at keeping ourselves busy
Seems so purposeful
“I’m’s so busy...we’re so busy....”
“It’s so hectic”
“Lot going on”
That’s what adults do
Take care of stuff
Easy to get caught up in it
We’re filling in blanks 
Instead of writing essays
We’re cogs
We don’t wonder why
Just do it, baby
Don’t think about it
Well I’m thinking now
I’ll do when I’m good and ready
I can’t be busy right now, I’ve got thinking to do

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