Monday, July 26, 2010


Don’t be so silly
Be practical
Do what’s right
You’re being childish
Grow up
Act your age
Huff and puff
And blow yourself down
Make yourself into something
We all want you to be 
Expect you to be
Live up to the idea
Pull yourself up
Have drive
What, you gonna just gather wool
Just sit there
Get in the race
Get ahead
Buy a house
Make something of yourself
Set goals
Get in the game
Get on with it
Don’t fall back
Who you are is what you do
What you do is everything
Young man
Be serious
Be a force to be reckoned with
Be be be
You’ve got to be
Stop fooling around
Drive a car
Buy a house
Raise a family
Come on get started
Death is a series matter
Say, do you have life insurance?

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