Sunday, July 24, 2011

He's Dead

He's dead now
Once your lover
Drives me crazy
To think of it
Always has
Still will
But dead now
Still tortured by
The thought of
Him touching your
Hair your breasts
Kissing your lips
Inside and out
Madness to imagine
No solace in
His slow death
Which was an
Awful one
Sad for him
Pain any way
I look or
Think of it
Hate him and
You with him
All those years
No no no
But he's dead
Changes nothing
You see my
Mind is warped
A jealous raging
Crazy man I
Am today and
Can't understand why
But there it
It is it
Is it is
He's gone now
Except he lives
In my jealous
Silly mind
Poor poor guy
Poor me poor
All of us
Who suffer from
This kind of
Silly pain of
Damn them but
Bless him
He was a
Nice guy

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