Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Pick One

You can’t read Ginsberg poems
While listening to American Pie
While riding on the bus
At least one of them must be stopped
You could get off the bus
You could turn the music off
You could put the book down
You could do two of those three
You could do all three and just think
But why not indulge yourself
The bus will get you home
So stay on it
Because when you’re home
You wont need to be on the bus anymore
So either turn of the IPod
Or stop reading
Savor one experience at a time
Multi tasking if for busy people
You don’t want that
You don’t need that
You need not over stimulate your brain
It being the only one you have
Give it the song
Or give it Ginsberg
Take if off the bus
As soon as possible

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