Friday, July 1, 2011

I Understand Now

There they were waiting for me
Fear, innocence, rage and confusion
All vying for my attention
Trying to make a mockery of my youth
Rendering me a stammering mess
Damn them
Cruel enemies of my serenity
Blocking the path towards enlightened joy
I suffered them sadly
Indulging only so long as necessary
The gamely shoving them as far aside as my strength could manage
How I struggled to get past these foes
To grow into a man
Not society’s version
But my own
I needed to create a vision of who I wanted to be
And be it
I wanted my due
I, who lacked only guidance
Who went it alone
Stumbled onwards
Fear deadened
Innocence gone
Rage quelled
Confusion evaporated
But now no longer young
But wisdom

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