Friday, July 8, 2011


With trembling hands I wrote my love
With a trembling heart I sent the letter
With fear unnatural I awaited her reply
How somber this mood, this sad pacing
How sadly I wandered through my desolate mind
Searching for answers as the wait continued
No reply
With trembling hand I wrote again
With trepidation I mailed the second missive
With growing tension I awaited a reply
How desperate the hours of waiting
How slowly the time did pass
I grasped and reached within myself
Hoping to find solace 
None cam nor ever a reply
With trembling hands I took a dagger
With a trembling heart did raise it
With fear gripping I let the knife fall
How forlorn did I slump to the floor
How morose my piteous mood
Searching for meaning
Finding nothing
And yet I carried on
She is my love no more
With trembling lips I say it
Stronger, wiser, sadder now
I look for another and new life
With trembling heart

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