Sunday, March 16, 2014

Joey Pukki is Dead

Joey Pukki is dead
Once heard he was crazy in the head
Joey Pukki born the same year as me
Born of Finnish parents were we
Joey Pukki is no more
He died a year ago that's the score
Joey Pukki and I were childhood friends
Funny the way life twists and wends
Joey Pukki tried to jump off a boat
But they managed to grab his coat
Joey Pukki had problems with the brain
There were hints he was a little insane
Joey Pukki been decades since I saw you
How was your life what did you do
Joey Pukki I had googled your name
Wondered if you'd attained any fame
Joey Pukki all I found was that you were dead
Nothing else could I discover nothing else said
Joey Pukki is dead and buried
I don't even know if he got married
Joey Pukki so long ole friend
That's all I've to say this is the end

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