Monday, March 10, 2014

My Father Meets Jack Kerouac

Jack Kerouac met my dad in 1964
In my imagination just now

Hi I’m Jack
I’m Aimo
(They shake hands)
What sort of name is that?
Oh from Finland
I’m French Canadian but born in the US
Oh yeah?
Conrad says you were a merchant marine too
Yeah I sailed during the war
Me too
Care for a beer?
How about Olympia?
That’s fine
What kinna work you do?
I’m a writer
Oh yeah?
My boy Richard wants to be a writer
Yeah well I wish him luck
What kinna things you write
Oh mostly novels
Yeah that’s what Richard wants to write
How old is your boy?
Jus’ ten
Never too early to start
I have another boy too -- older
Good for you -- what work you do?
I’m a carpenter
That’s good work
Can I get you another beer?
Absolutely -- if you’re having one again
Why not?

My dad soon thereafter left
He came home and played basketball with me
Jack stayed in the bar and got stinko
But anyway they met
In my imagination

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