Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Young Mothers

Pretty young mothers pushing baby carriages
Silky dark hair bouncing off their shoulders
White shorts stylish sweaters happy smiles
They are so lovely and so content
And so purposeful with their missions
Pushing their babies in the mid afternoon air
Light breezes on a mild day perfect for walking
They chat of so many things and nothing
How nice to have conversations that are so meaningful
Yet laced with the trivia of their days
The babies are quiet wonderful cooperative children
Their tall handsome husbands are off at important jobs
Making money sufficient to keep a family
They’ll be home in a few hours
Kisses for the wives cooing for the baby
Dinner will jointly be made
Until someone has to change the baby
Then daddy will see to the meal or mommy
But it will be a robust dinner featuring a delicious salad
The new dressing will be just perfect
A glass of wine -- or two -- is enjoyed
Talk is of work and the baby and plans for the house
Happy beautiful mothers and such a happy day

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