Sunday, March 23, 2014

Walk On By

Concrete and girders and noise and sweating workmen
Pretty girls walk by unaware of being ogled (or are they?)
Soot and fog and dust and urine scented subway platforms
Pretty girls walk by unaware of being ogled (or are they?)
Decaying rotting stinking offal in the filthy streets
This time no one walks by nor dares to
Long happy smiles in the park where children laugh
An elderly woman shuffles by and adds her sullen features
to the scene
Rapacious ugly scheming corporate types bugger originality
Spontaneity gives way to canned music in ads derived from
those pop songs we used to love
Fundamentalist preachers pretend to give a message of hope
but just spout hate speech
And I want more pretty girls to walk by unaware or not
Politicians call each other names and engage in silly battles
Never minding about improving the lives of their constituents
Many young people don't care anyway and want to die soon
So they shoot each other and do
Laughing howling screeching stomp in a theater having a grand time
Then go home and stare at their computers until it's time
for another restless night of sleep and half dreams
I walk by somewhere but am not a pretty girl or
even a girl or pretty
Tax breaks help keep the super rich mega corporate CEOs ultra rich
Fascism has a new face and its not from Revlon
Poor people anguish over what they can afford to eat
While conservatives complain that the poor have refrigerators
So some of us work off frustration in the gym where
pretty girls walk by unaware of being ogled (or are they?)
The world spins and spins and spins but not so you can feel it
but we all know it
People meet and fall in love and dance at their weddings and
have children and buy houses and fight over bills
They putter around in their gardens and fix their fences as
pretty girls walk by sometimes not noticed
And buildings are erected but their erections are longer and
stronger than the ones penises have (funny joke, eh?)
And now and then things change for the better and
improvements are made and lives are saved
We stand outside to dedicate memorials to the people
who helped make the world better and as we do
Pretty girls walk by quite aware of being ogled (or are they?)

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