Tuesday, March 8, 2011


For years I didn’t know who to be
Or how to be whatever it was I was
Or wasn’t
I kept being other people
The person I thought others liked
Or expected me to be
Or the person I kind of wanted to be
Even though I couldn’t
I was trying to please everyone
Especially my ego
And lost myself
I could have stayed lost forever
But luckily I’ve started the process of finding me
Turns out I’m here somewhere
Safe and sound
Waiting to do what I really should be doing
In case you’re wondering, I got here by asking questions
Of myself
Like: what are you doing?
How did you wind up here?
What were you thinking?
Thankfully everything is all right
But jeezus what a curious route I took getting to the wrong place
So now I’m getting it sorted
I’ve met myself
Getting along just fine

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