Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Homeless Man

You ask me for spare change
In a mumble
You ask me for spare change
Your old desperate hand out
What a tumble
Took your life
Once so proud, so happy
Now you beg
A quarter would do
Anything at all
You didn’t ask for this
And so you ask for that
Spare change jingling in my pocket
Yet I walk on
Hoping the next person won’t
I need my spare change for the bus
So it isn’t spare
I feel guilt
Nothing compared to what you must feel
If I turn back and give you a quarter
It will be for me that I do it
For you need so much more
You want so much more
Your dignity
Your pride
A purpose for going on
Besides just living
Which this is not
You don’t want my pity
I have nothing for you
Here’s my quarter
Fuck the bus, I’ll walk

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