Wednesday, March 9, 2011

The Boys Are Back in Town

Dusk of a late Spring day
Rock and roll blasting on the stereo
In our shared three bedroom house
Doors and windows wide open
Our young male bodies squeezed into tees shirts and cut offs
Cold beer already flowing from bottle to mouth
Hormones raging anticipating the rhythm of the night
And the girls who await us
We love this feeling and each other
But we say no such thing
Just smiles all around
Toothy happy genuine grins
We lock up the house and pile into a car
A laughing ride to the party
Huge amplifiers twanging the guitar beat
Kegs of beer
Plenty of young tan bodies
All hiding their enthusiasm
Playing the pick up game of match and mate
I hope to get lucky
Can’t drink too much
But have to keep drinking
The delicate balance
Find a partner
Shared secrets and lies
Necking excitedly
Triumphant, I walk her home
Our randy bodies intertwine
It’s great to be young and a giant!
I miss those days now
But I also miss being a toddler on daddy’s lap
The past is perfect
If you want it to be

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