Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Love Letter

I came of age yesterday
And died of good luck
Resting on your laurels -- most unsatisfactory
Daring the dragons to dream alongside me
I came to on the crest of a wave
And rode to your mountain retreat
Please take me back
Back to your heart
Let me know the shinings of your mind
Let me suckle at nature’s wonder
And angels
Always there must be angels
Let’s go out with them
And recite their great getting up songs
And poems
Of love
And caressing each other under a harvest moon
Why not?
We live but once
Or so you said
I came of age yesterday
And frowned at the maker
For the universe of lies I learned
Cursing the wind is futile
But so is the seeker
Join me this one last time
For a million laughs
And loves

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