Friday, March 4, 2011

The Play’s the Thing

They were characters in search of a plot
Three people not happy with the script they got
They were confused by the lines they had
Was this the reason they read so bad?
Unable to learn the words in time
Thus more conflict with their natural rhythm and rhyme
They could not see the forest for a tree
Didn’t know if they should be or not be
Pity them this forlorn cast
Not knowing who was first and who last
They struggled with direction and lights
Lapsing always into hair pulling fights
How sad to see such a dismal flop
Worst of all they knew not to stop
On and on this piteous charade
See what fools God has made
If only they could figure a way out
We’d not have to hear them rail and shout
So loud and ugly comes their din
This horrible performance seems a dreadful sin
End it! End it! Please dear God
No more can we suffer this awful fraud
But on it goes they seem to insist
And somehow the audience cannot resist
Are we blame for this terrible play
Is it because we watch every day
We are the enablers of this theatrical mess
Why we look on is anyone’s guess

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