Thursday, March 24, 2011

History Lesson

The nicer negroes of the 1930s
Pleased the pink-faced crackers
Happy Hispanics they preferred
And liked their jolly Jews in New York
Bowing, scraping in your place
Obsequious and humble, taking your lynchings like a man
No questions, please do as your told, Rastus
Oh and how they hated Hitler
Going too far as he did
Noisy man making angry speeches
So damn un-American
Still, we’ll tend to your own business over here
None of our affair
We got enough just eking by
Keeping our coloreds in place
Asking government to spread the wealth
But keeping what’s ours
By God don’t touch that
Let Eleanor fly around and say what she pleases
It’s a man’s world
If it comes to it we’ve all got shotguns
Mostly happy to be finally pushing the depression behind us
Amos and Andy on the radio
Occasional trip to the picture show
Sears catalogue and the Daily Bugle 
Is all the readin’ we’ll be needin’
Times is tough but the worst is past
Maybe we can afford a new pair of overalls
Cousin Jake and his family went to Californy
We stuck it out rich chere
God bless us
We is the common folk
We will abide
We will live and love our own
And keep our lesser browner brethren in line

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