Monday, March 21, 2011

A Poem Veers Off in Another Direction

Old whiskered man cussing at the newspaper
A young woman in heels walks by, head too perfectly erect
Fussy middle aged lady wearing too much make up pampers her pekingese
Teenager on a skateboard swerves through human obstacles
Homeless man holds his palm up and out, his head down and out
Middled aged man in double breasted suit ogles the young woman
Guy in hard hat looks up at a large cloud
Looks like rain soon, someone says
I walk away from all the humanity
Home to read the morning paper, eat my muffin, sip my tea
If only there were dragons chewing on the cursed
If only there were pixies dancing on liverwurst
If only cats and dogs talked to us and to each other
If only everyone had a nice mother
If only we lived in peace and harmony
If only I hadn’t just spilled my tea
There are those things that happen all around
There are those places, people and sound
Then there are our wishes, desires and dreams
It seems nothing can match our fantastic schemes
Let’s be happy with all we’ve got
Even though I’d love a robot

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