Wednesday, April 20, 2011


I thought we had a deal
An understanding
An arrangement
An agreement
I thought we understood one another
I thought we had agreed
We said from day one....
Are you going back on your word
I never said that
That’s not what I meant
I don’t know where you’re coming from
This doesn’t sound like you
Why are you doing this
What’s really going on
At least I’m not the one who....
I can’t believe you said that
I never said that
No such conversation ever took place
That’s impossible
You’re twisting my words
That’s not what I meant
What are you saying
Fine just leave it
Drop it
It’s over
Let’s forget all about it
Let’s move on
Forget it ever happened
It’s not important anyway
I’m sorry I brought it up
You’ve twisted everything I’ve said
This is so unlike you
This is crazy
I never said you were crazy
Maybe you need help
I’m not the one who...
Why would you even think that
I’m confused
This is so out of the blue
I’m willing to work things out
You now I care about you
Same person 
It was me all along
I hate talking to myself like this
I feel so used
That’s your problem
That is, mine
Whoever we are
We’re in this together
Stuck in this tiny brain
I want to get out
I guess there’s just no escaping reality
Unless you just plunge ever deeper into your own mind
That’s now what I’m saying at all
Don’t get smug with me
I am not
You’re the one who....

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