Monday, April 25, 2011

A Miracle a Moment

I got it all wrong
But it ended up all right
Took a peaceful life
And had a fight
Rambled and stumbled
Complained and grumbled
Spit eternity in the eye
Never had the sense to cry
Still I found l love and laughter
And much of what I was after
Was a miracle a moment
Though I’d....
Stomped jumped hollered and ran
Right through your flower bed
You wished me dead
But here I am
God I’m lucky
God I’m happy
God I’m so undeserving
But there it is
And here am I
I can fly
Look at me
I survived
Drank too much
Thought to little
Except of me me me
Took without asking
But finally learned to say
Thank you
And mean it
A miracle a moment
As I figured it out
Through the help of others
Stuck around and listened
Took it to heart
More than okay now
On to something
Seizing the day
And sharing the gifts

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