Friday, April 8, 2011

Olden Days

Long waited I on a midnight moor spying sights as yet unseen
Releasing now the hungry hounds to ravage hands unclean
Upon a wasted wicked knoll were hopes so sadly dashed
As my heart and mind was filled with memories I had stashed
No more would ‘ere look upon those long forgotten hills
Nor never more could I entertain such God forsaken thrills
And lo the gentle creeping was of seas I had not sailed
Which brought to mind the hopeless cries that recently I’ve wailed
The end draws nearer set upon its mean and weighty course
But I stand here firm not yielding to useless pondering and remorse
So my tale is finished though mostly yet untold
You see I still await to see what else will unfold
More to come more trials and triumphs surely do await
I will goad them on using pride and prejudice as my tempting bait

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