Friday, April 1, 2011

Old Timer

He was a nice old fellow
Really he was
Took his causal strolls each day
Never said much but smiled at intervals
Had a soft low voice
Authoritative but kind sounding
If you know what I mean
Never came to the block parties
But that was his right
Paid his bills
Read his newspapers
Tended his garden
Never bothered a soul
Made punctual donations to charity
Visited family on the occasional weekends
Dressed quite nicely
Even took to using a walking stick
Wore a nice hat, perhaps a homburg
Occasionally took tea at a local cafe
Would munch on a muffin
Left a nice tip
Browsed at the bookstore some eves
Like I say, kept to himself most of the time
But that was okay
He was a nice old fellow
Would always stoop to pet dogs
Wave at children
But we didn’t know him
Didn’t ask much of him
He asked nothing of us
Of course it was a shock when he died
Even though he was
Like I said
He’d become something of a fixture
Always seemed he’d be there forever
Now he’s gone
Ambulance took him away
They were in no hurry
Why rush with the dead, after all
The house will doubtless be up for sale
Goodness knows who’ll replace him
He was a nice old fellow
What the deuce was his name?

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