Friday, April 15, 2011


I am so happy that I can cry
Now that I am human
I’m so glad to be among the living
Not cast away among the soulless
How joyous to feel pain
To suffer gladly
Because it means life
Courses through my veins and soul
So close to now, to the eternal
But actually getting to live
On the journey
How joyous these days
Spent as a conscience being
How sad for the many
Who are walking dead
Not living just breathing
I once was with them
Drowning myself in the mundane
And the liquid
Pretending it was all important
The details
The liquid
When it is us who are important
I’m glad I can see life
For it’s beauty and its pain
To live it on its terms
With the help of others
People learning to swim life's waters
Thank you

(While this poem is about surviving alcohol abuse, the first two lines  were spoken by a Holocaust survivor.)

Dedicated to my friend Kevin L.

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