Monday, April 18, 2011

Flying Business Class

You’ll be just as dead when you die
Despite all your wealth
You’re just as naked unclothed
Despite your fancy suits
You’re just as hungry when you don’t eat
Despite your sanctimony
You smell just as bad when you don’t bathe
Despite your oversized ego
All your words
All your calculations
All your lies
Don’t make you any more special
Then the homeless man begging
You are flesh and blood too
You are only really filled with empty promises
You overflow with deceptions
You abound with cheating schemes
To bilk more out of the already needy
You top all this off with the nerve to rail against us
For class warfare
Yes there’s a war all right
On your total lack of class
Go on
Go protect your rich brethren
Defend your oppressive moral code
But remember you get sick too
You fall down too
You have pulsating pimples
And itchy rashes
You are not special
You are nothing

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