Friday, May 13, 2011

And I Raged

And I raged
Tipping my anger over
Into your garbage dump
I seethed
With an ire tinged by bitter disappointment
For life had dealt me hard early blows
I was the wounded, owed so much
I reckoned myself special
So the world had to pay
I raged
Wanting it all
Willing to give nothing
If only
Everyone would see things my way
I could have it my way
All day
But no
So I raged
Gulping large quantities
Of blurred vision
I am an optical illusion
An allusion
To all the dreams of what I could be
Should be
If only the rage didn’t get in the way
But it did
Careening through other people’s lives
Making a mess of the simplest things
Of course
Because I knew only me
Cared only for 
Me me me me me
Raging and raving and screaming at you
And you and you and anyone
Who prevented me
From whatever I wanted that moment
That millisecond
How dare you
My God, I said
Because I thought it was my God
Not yours
Was all mine
And I raged
On and on
World without end
Until I said so

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