Thursday, May 5, 2011

There’s a Village

There’s a village
I’ve seen it in my daydreams
Nestled near the French Alps
I went to go there
It’s got cobblestone streets
Lovely little cafes
A decent bookstore
A pretty little school
And very clean nice people
It is at the end of a lush green valley
You can see the huge mountains 
A few kilometers away
There’s a creek running through the outskirts of town
You can swim in it during the Summer
I don’t know the name of the town
But it must exist
It must
I probably wouldn’t want to live in the village
But I’d love to spent a few weeks there
I’m going to look for it someday
It’ll be easy to find
Because I’ve visited it so many times
In my daydreams
Which are so often perfect
As life
And the village
Can be
If we so desire
I do

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